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“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
“People protect what they love.”

Jacques Cousteau

This quote is on the title page of “Blue Mind", a study that proves
scientifically that proximity to Water heals us psychologically. The original concept of this “Take Me To The River” project was combining
Artists and Scientists to create Art that speaks to the threat Global Warming has put on the Worlds Waters.
Collaboration is an important aspect.

Initially we would have worked with faculty and students in the Natural Resources and Art  Departments at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.
Then Covid caused plans to change.
The first change is the title, Exquisite River became “Healing Waters.”
The new evolved collaboration will be achieved by each artist reacting
to one another’s work. We have twenty five artists, more participating
than ever before, twenty three visual artists and two musicians.
Visual artists are assigned a number one through twenty three.
Number one creates their piece and sends the image to the Coordinator,
Cohn Drennan. Cohn then sends a JPG of the completed 32x32 inch
image to artist number two who creates a piece inspired and in
response to the first image. This second piece is sent back to Cohn who
renders it into a JPG which is sent to artist number three and so on.
Each artist only sees the image created by the person before them.
When the images are all completed the two musicians view them and
collaborate to create music to accompany “Healing Waters.”
A world wide Pandemic, something unimaginable when this project
began, has given us the opportunity to use Art to Heal.



Judy Jashinsky - Administrator 2022
Thanks to Wallace Nichols, author of “
Blue Mind.”
My reading of this book was the impetus for the changes,

to fit the circumstances.

The Drawing Students had 15 seconds to draw, reacting to the person to their left.
Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 4.09.31 PM.png
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